Monday, March 26, 2012


Not in the romantical "swept me off my feet" (I wish this week had been a whimsical fairy tale of wonder!) but in the sense that "so much STUFF happened this week -both good and bad - and has just knocked me over." Mentally. I am brainily exhausted!!
Sigh. I dont think I'm complaining. ( If this reads in a whining tone, you're reading incorrectly..)
Once again I feel that everything in my life, which had been collected and arrange and wrapped up nicely thankyou very much, has been thrown up into the air and all the different parts of me are being tossed about on one of those giant parachutes you bounce a beach ball on in kindergarten. (What the??)hahaha.
Anyways. This week. Craziness.

The stuff that make crazy.

it almost 4 a.m, but we still at 'kampus' finished the fiber art.

at 8 a.m.


it was our final project for subject EAD 252 ( FIBER ART).our last class with Pn. Nani.
yes, it make me in stress for a bit.but, as i said "in the end, i get the best pleasure that can't be explain by words!!!"

p/s: Gambate!!! to Cleopatra's Team..good job!! it was so tough for us rite?but, so far so good. Thanx also to Pn. Nani Hartina, it was the best experience for us in Semester 4. Thanx so much!!!