Thursday, June 12, 2014


There's nothing interested to be story actually. I suddenly reread all of my post years before and it makes me thinking about my future. Two years before and until now, nothing change. The past me and the present me are still students. But, in a very different field of study.

I'm doing a degree now. Degree in Living Skills Education a.k.a Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan Kemahiran Hidup. And yes, of course in UPSI. The one that very different from my past diploma and never been pop-out from my mind.

When I refused the offer to continue my degree in UiTM and choose UPSI, I just keep asking myself "why you choose UPSI?why?". Actually, this is my parents choice and I just accept it as 'takdir'. As 'anak' I just go on with the flow and I know, they just want the best for me.

 It takes about a year after to accept UPSI. My dream, my hope that I build in diploma just disappeared slowly. Yet, it was hurt and deeply hurt.  But, let bygone be bygone.

The present me still the same. I still love drawing, art and some sort of that. I still create new design, make drawing practice when nothings to do, and also doing part time job as a wedding card designer. Nothing can stop me.

When I accept UPSI, it means i'm gonna be a teacher. Time goes and without I realize, I'm in love with teaching. I do love it. -  Yes, call me teacher please.

It was fun seeing how fast was I progressing. And it was kind of teary up reading my past entry on how much I hoped for a better future. I realize I'm becoming a little bit more sensitive now. - become mature I guess.

Being mature - I'm already 22 years old and still counting (or just 22 years  forever?who know tomorrow will be,right?). Basically, it just about growing up. I just get growing up and many things still waiting me in the future. I hope, it was so exciting then.

Still counting - I am excited for my next graduation, which maybe 2 years more. Being a good teacher then. Get married with someone that I love. Live happily with my kids. - just imagine how my husband will give a warm kiss before going to his office. *auwww.what a drama.haha.

Our life depends on how we manage it actually. Why not, we just make everything become simple and just live in beautiful life and make sure to spread with others?





  1. all de best for u :) juz go through without regret. remember Allah will never sia2kan hambaNya yg selalu berdoa dan bersabar :)

  2. thanx ain. i just need to be strong. actually WE.we just need to strong.