Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is why I Love You,MOM

chart for happy life. (from 9gag)

A lot things will change starting from this new semester. I will complete my diploma study. My first younger sister will be facing SPM and my litle younger sister will be facing UPSR.Sigh.If I were being my mom, I don't know what should I feel. Her second daughter will be sitting for SPM (life indicator,people say), and her very lil younger daughter will be sitting for UPSR (maybe it not too tough,but important right?). And also, her very first daughter will graduate, and who know maybe after this her first daughter will be leaving the family to chase her dream,to get a better life, to get a good education.who guess?maybe Indonesia or Australia.or Italy?or Malaysia..phew..(janji Allah itu pasti).See, being mom isn't that easy.

*yesterday,when I call my mom.

mom: anak mak sihat?suara happy ja..
I: (laughing)..sihat..
mom: amboii..baru nak call.sibuk sangat ka?
I: larh...kan kak dah call hari Sabtu tu?
mom: mmm..ka asyik call orang lain pulak?mana lah tau..
I: (keep laughing)
mom: (laughing too)
I: mak,kak nak....
mom: apa?
I: nak..mm
mom: kahwin?
I: tak.tunang ja.
mom: mmm..ok lah.anak mak dah nak kahwin dah..nak tinggalkan mak..
I: (Grinning in DISBELIEF of course)..haha.tunang la.bukan kahwin.
mom: mak rasa tak puas lagi bermanja dengan anak-anak mak.dah nak kahwin dah pun.
I: eee..sapa nak kahwin?tak mau kahwin lagi la.
mom: ok lah.continue kerja.bye.Assalamualaikum..
I: (keep laughing).

*moral of story,don't tell her something untrue, she will believe it!

I wasn't serious actually, I just wanna tease her ( i like teasing her,too much). I know this is a serious matter, tunang, nikah and that all. But education come first right? One thing that keep playing in my mind. Education can bring you anywhere. So what I wanna do is, get a 'supersuper' grade,so that I can get a good job, buy my own house, my own car and of course get married to the man that I love. Is that happy,don't you think?Hehe. (This is how 20 years old girl thinks- please don't laugh.)

And being me also is not that easy. I'm such a horrible lady lately. I've faced such tiring week, sleepyhead all day long, crying myself to sleep (but I can't), thinking of what to do and what my life would wait for me even for a second. My life is on little pressure.

New semester will get tougher and challenging. Be patient and always put your study as your first priority. Success is waiting for those who work for it.

Anyhow,life must go on. Move on and get a better life. What's life without problems,right?

p/s: funny mom is funny right?by the way, I Love You mom..big hug and kiss.

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