Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Ramadhan.

A week to Syawal. A very last week for Ramadhan 1433. And the very last Ramadhan in Terengganu maybe. After this i don't know whether still on Terengganu or not. And yet, i'm in love with Terengganu so much! I'm sure i'll miss to iftar with my friends, iftar with Sir Yus and Pn. Ina. Sure miss damn so much with 'masak lemak cili api' and 'sambal sotong' cooked by Sir Yus and Pn. Ina. Sure will miss the time we iftar at Pantai Batu Burok. It was the best time guys!

So far, Alhamdulillah, my Ramadhan goes so smooth. Although very busy with my final project, very tired with all that kind of matter, but Allah, you give me so much strength to face it.

Well, if Allah wills, i will be 'extra' busy starting on 8th Syawal.
Anyhow, life must go on. Hoping for the best.

Back home time!!!!

p/s:cuba teka berapa banyak kain batik ni.20 helai tau, bukan 2 helai.disebabkan keluar beli kain batik ni lah aku kena saman.adoii..pak cik polis,,bulan-bulan puasa nih,simpati lah sikit.  

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