Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

alhamdulillah, without i'm realised, it was my 2nd years being as university student.It also means  that i've leave my school for about 2 and half years ago.

2 and half years actually quite a long time.but for me, it just like twinkling of an eye.i felt like i was just registered as a university student yesterday.oh my Allah, I can say that i have very good relationship with my study.thats why it was  just twinkling of an eye though it was about 2 and half years.and kindly noted that i was in the final of semester.

final of semester?sad or happy?(dun't know to say)
maybe 'nervous' was the best answer.

my parents always keep remind me that i'm in the final of semester.
"this is your final,please do well dear."
and I
"yes,i know that." >.<'

my lecturer too,always and always remind me for that.
"you know this is ur final,makesure come out with big-bang project!"
and I
(aigooo...just in my heart)

i let you all know that all of my lecturers were not very cruel and straight!
they always help us to be very happy and cheer.
you know how Art & Design students doing their work right?
doesn't have enough time to sleep.sometime doesn't sleep for 3 days.
very tough.and make us in messy mood.always and always!!!
our days full with
we doesn't read a book to produce a very 'bigbang' artwork.but we 'scan' the picture on the book.
i'm also very sure all of Art & Design students will agree with me if I said that we need a time to produce good artwork and design.yes, time is very important for us.
we can't being a very productive designer if we were being force by the surrounding.

it is true!!

this is how my lecturer make me happy and cheer me up...

you see???

p/s: sir yus yang sangat obses dengan k-pop!nanti saya print kan lirik lagu tuh yer sir...hehe

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