Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm coming here in the end of Third Semester.
Yes, its too.too.too.and verrrryyyyy long time with not a little update here.
and it was too much when i even cant remember password to sign in here.
i almost cried when Mr.Gugel said "you are not the owner of this blog".
and after all, i get back my dearest blog. (i accept it as the reward of my mistake)
and yeahhh, i would like to humbly apologize to my dearest blog becoz of it. Sorry dear. doesnt means iam forgetting you.

the last time was too long. too long since i am officially not UiTM students anymore as Sir Yus said that day.
there was many things happened. happy, sad, hate and also unexpected things that not even thinks by me.
and, it takes much time to be story. its not that i cant accept 'takdir',.no. let it be. yes, let it be. *no. i'll story it later.yes, promise. *blinking eyes.haha

i just finished reread all my writings here.and it just make me 'rolling on the floor'. (*luahan hati zaman muda-muda dulu lah sangat kan). and i just wonder if i can just return to that time. no.enough. let it stop here. i just dont want be a 'drama queen' here. i just STRONG girl. i am strong enough.

p/s: thanks Nani (* she just my adek in negeri Tanjong) coz you brings me here. I also just 'fly-fly derak kokseh' on your blog.

and to someone,
I just wanna say, maybe you are the 'hikmah' that iam here in negeri Tanjong. and i wish it comes true.

NadiahLee | Hulu Bernam

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