Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feel Like 17 Again


Today I had an Entrepreneurship test.To me it was the most scarier test. It was only a test,not a real exam.But, it make me feel like 'crazy'.hehe..-"make a mess lah!".

Why should i'm too nervous?
You know that it was almost for 2 years i am not having reading subject. For 2 years now, i am only drawing, painting, and produce design and design. That's all no need to reading lah..If have to, it was only for History of Art which is lightest than Entrepreneurship...

And because of the 'crazyness' that I  had, it make me to study the subject critically. One week before the test, i'm starting feeling nervous and also worried thinking about the test. And it was so fucking because i only can be worried about it but i have no time to study it. I'm too busy with another assignment that need to be submit and also busy with fuck is it right?

I have only one day to study. It was Thursday (1 day before the test) good right?Actually, i've started study on the night of Wednesday.It was after finish a long day of full classess.(can you imagine that i've started my class on morning and have a bit of rest on 7 p.m.then started another class on 8 p.m until 10 p.m?I feel like a 'super-duper' business women.all of time busy...with the tiredness,i opened the book and study.

"come here and lay on me,dear...."!!!  i can hear that my bed is calling!!!

but!because of the 'scarrierness' to the test,i ignored my bed's call.i know that i have no enough time to study all of the chapter.then,almost of 4 a.m,i'm so was like a stone on my was too heavy to open it.and at that time,i'm surrendered.(got landing on my bed..)


i am 17 again!

actually, the test brings me back into 2 years ago when i was 17 years old. i'm remembering how i'm feeling like 'crazy' in study especially in Biology and Chemistry subjects.i'm still remember how i stay up alone until morning only to study Biology and also Chemistry.i'm also still remember what my teacher said to me when i got lowest marks in the class.and until now i'm still remember how ashamed was it. i want to be a doctor,but we cannot change what Allah give to us, right? i always believe that Allah know the best for us. Thank you Allah....and for now, i'm very happy with what i'm doing. For sure, i am missing my school and little did i know that i was reliving a moment in my life that i have forgotten..

i am 17 again!


  1. i like the term 'super-duper' business woman...nice story...

  2. thanks,for sure i want to tell hw busy i am..